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Consultant Dermatologist & Sexologist

Dr.S.Dinesh Ponraj

M.B.B.S., DDVL., Master Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Board of USA).

Consultant Dermatologist & Sexologist

Dr.S.Dinesh Ponraj

M.B.B.S., DDVL., Master Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Board of USA).

Dr.Dinesh Ponraj, after completing his MBBS from Vinayaka Mission’s Medical College, finished his post-graduate with a specialization in Dermatology from Madras Medical College. He has also done his fellowship in Cosmetology and DermatoSurgery training from Govt. Stanley Medical College. Dr.Dinesh also completed his Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine Fellowship from the United States of America’s Aesthetic Board, where he underwent a complete academic program and honed his skills under the guidance of renowned Aesthetic professors, global pioneers in Aesthetic Medical Science.

Our Services

Clinical Dermatology

Our skin physicians are the forerunners of dermatology treatments: adapting to the latest scientific research and advancing to new therapies.

Aesthetic Dermatology

Equipped with safe and state-of-art technology, our solutions span from treating all your cosmetic problems.

Vitiligo Surgery

Some of the latest procedures involve surgery that helps to replace the melanin pigments from the natural skin to the vitiligo affected area.

Sexual Medicine

Our team of consulting physicians make a collective effort to champion your sexual and reproductive health.

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We approach with high precision and artistic vision to reveal each patient`s unique beauty.

  • check-mark-1All Skin Diseases
  • check-mark-1Acne Treatment
  • check-mark-1Acne-Scar Removal
  • check-mark-1Surgical Scar Removal
  • check-mark-1Hair Fall & Thinning Therapy
  • check-mark-1Pigmentation Treatment
  • check-mark-1Non-Surgical Face Contouring
  • check-mark-1Wart Removal
  • check-mark-1Skin Toning & Skin Lightning
  • check-mark-1Mole Removal
  • check-mark-1Laser Hair Reduction
  • check-mark-1Vitiligo Surgery
  • check-mark-1Anti-Aging Therapy
  • check-mark-1Botox & Fillers
  • check-mark-1Jawline & Lip Contouring
  • check-mark-1Sexual Health Problems (Men & Women)
  • check-mark-1Sexual Transmitted Infections
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We are known for achieving natural-looking cosmetic improvements and for using advanced systems to rejuvenate aging or damaged skin.

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