About Aura Skin Care Clinic

About us

Aura clinic brings together an outstanding team of clinical and cosmetic skincare experts who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair care treatments. Our team of dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, and aesthetic nurses will work to make sure you get the best skin and hair treatments.

Aura clinic of sexual medicine has grown in its sexual health care with the mission to promote & support the highest standard of practice, education, research, and ethics in the study/treatment of human sexual function and health.

Our clinical services are framed to ensure that we help you keep all your skin and hair problems at bay and that you get your skin glowing, without any side effects. Our priority is to give you the best treatment for disease-free skin and hair. Our health care services work with the following protocols to ensure we deliver the best:

  • check-mark-1Dedicated Multidisciplinary Team
  • check-mark-1Using Innovative Technology
  • check-mark-1Excellent Care and Service
  • check-mark-1Accuracy based on approved laboratory investigations and interpretations

Our Treatments

We approach with high precision and artistic vision to reveal each patient`s unique beauty.

  • check-mark-1All Skin Diseases
  • check-mark-1Acne Treatment
  • check-mark-1Acne-Scar Removal
  • check-mark-1Surgical Scar Removal
  • check-mark-1Hair Fall & Thinning Therapy
  • check-mark-1Pigmentation Treatment
  • check-mark-1Non-Surgical Face Contouring
  • check-mark-1Wart Removal
  • check-mark-1Skin Toning & Skin Lightning
  • check-mark-1Mole Removal
  • check-mark-1Laser Hair Reduction
  • check-mark-1Vitiligo Surgery
  • check-mark-1Anti-Aging Therapy
  • check-mark-1Botox & Fillers
  • check-mark-1Jawline & Lip Contouring
  • check-mark-1Sexual Health Problems (Men & Women)
  • check-mark-1Sexual Transmitted Infections

Dr.S.Dinesh Ponraj

M.B.B.S., DDVL., Master Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Board of USA)
Consultant Dermatologist & Sexologist


  • check-mark-1Fellowship training in Cosmetology and Dermato Surgery
  • check-mark-1Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine
  • check-mark-1Fellowship in Clinical Sexual Medicine



  • check-mark-1Member of Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologist and Leprologist
  • check-mark-1Member of American Board of Aesthetic Medicine
  • check-mark-1Member of American Aesthetic Council

Dr.Dinesh Ponraj, after completing his MBBS from Vinayaka Mission’s Medical College, finished his post-graduate with a specialization in Dermatology from Madras Medical College. He has also done his fellowship in Cosmetology and DermatoSurgery training from Govt. Stanley Medical College. Dr.Dinesh also completed his Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine Fellowship from the United States of America’s Aesthetic Board, where he underwent a complete academic program and honed his skills under the guidance of renowned Aesthetic professors, global pioneers in Aesthetic Medical Science.

Dr.Dinesh Ponraj, as a practicing dermatologist, is very keen on treating his patient’s skin and their diseases, with the latest scientific tools and technology. The clinical cases for dermatology are treated beyond the symptomatic focus by thoroughly examining the details about the cause of the disease with the help of wide-spectrum of Laboratory investigations, Tissue biopsy and Immunohistochemistry studies. This kind of approach, done by the doctor, ensures that the disease is treated at the root level for successful treatments that happen rapidly, properly and safely.

Dr.Dinesh trained himself with great passion in Non-Surgical Facial Augmentation to enhance the beauty of the face using the advanced tools of Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) and FILLERS, that would help the patients to attain the beauty they deserve. Dr.Dinesh Ponraj follows the international standards and protocols to treat patients on age-reversal, jaw-line, lips and nose augmentation treatments. The doctor counsels all his patients about maintaining healthy skin to have a radiant look. He strongly believes in the concept that HEALTHY SKIN IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL.

Dr.Dinesh Ponraj has also extended his studies to specialize in the science of Sexual Medicine by completing his clinical fellowship, majoring in the subject. As a Sexual Medicine practitioner, Dr.Dinesh Ponraj believes that every human living on this planet has the right and privilege to enjoy the art and science of sex properly and safely to fulfill their personal and social needs. He has expertise in treating any sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), male sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, female sexual disorders like vaginismus, infertility due to sexual disorders including failure in consummation among married couples. He runs his analysis through a team of gynecologists, Endocrinologist and Urologists so as to have a multi-disciplinary approach to accurate diagnosis in order to provide the right treatment. The Sexual Medicine Wing at Aura clinic is established extensively with multi-specialty physicians and patient-friendly counselors offering the best treatments. Dr.Dinesh Ponraj is also an expert in counseling the individuals of the Sexual Minority (LGBT – Lesbian/Gays/Bisexuals/Transgenders) on self-acceptance, parental counseling and safe sexual practices.