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Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.

The most common health issue of the adolescent face is technically called Acne Vulgaris or Pimples. Acne is a normal physiological response to the majority of the adult population around the globe. When Acne occurs on any skin, it has to fade away on its own and that is its usual sequelae. But in the majority of the individuals, this acne takes a different path, where it becomes a big cosmetic burden on the facial skin. Since most of the Acne are infections, they have to be treated like any infectious skin lesion with few oral and topical medications.

The most expected Complications of Acne are the Acne marks (Pigmentation) and scars that occur once the Acne lesions resolve. Both these complications are treatable and again the extent to which the marks and scars can be effectively treated depends on the damage the acne has caused to the skin.

At Aura clinic, the Acne Scar Removal Programs are done effectively after understanding the duration of the scar and the extent of damage in the skin. Science has not spared these Acne scar treatments as well, the invention of minimal surgical techniques, skin resurfacing lasers, and skin remodeling lasers are really amazing innovations made in the Aesthetic platform. These techniques work effectively on the Acne scars to bring remarkable changes by rejuvenating the scar tissue via remodeling the underlying collagen and elastin tissues.

These Acne scar treatments are very much subjective and, therefore, the success of the treatments on a higher side depends on various factors on the patient’s skin. One such factor contributing to the success will be the healing nature of the patient’s skin which can be genetically determined or modified later with good compliance of the patient. But the good news is that, for most of the skins which have a good healing quality within them, the scars are very much modified in appearance wherever it is much uplifted from. The patients who have responded fairly well for the Acne scar treatments remain very much happy for regaining their confidence in their look. Thanks to the innovative technicians and surgeons, and with the use of the latest scientific advancements, for treating the acne scars on the face safely and effectively.

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