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Break-up with your body hair without a fuss.

With the growing fad for fashion, glam, and glitz, smooth, hair-free skin will pop out your features and glamourize your look for the world to admire. The option to have smooth, hairless skin is often opted by women, but nevertheless men don’t discard this option either. From international celebrities to local soap stars, having a smooth skin has always been a desired look of fashion for women, and as for men, excluding their beard, they sought out to have smooth skin that compliments their muscle and skin tone.

The early shaving tasks have got so many disadvantages to go hairless. Shaving your skin daily damages your skin, at a microscopic level, with the sharp razors, and thereby, increasing the chances of bacterial entry into the skin when done without proper aseptic precautions. It also increases the chances of hair growth into the skin (Ingrown hair) when one applies the reverse shaving.

To overcome these challenges, we researched for the safest, easiest, and acceptable tools to attain smooth skin. One such tool is laser hair reduction (removal) treatments. Here, the LASER is a pointed beam of light that targets the deep roots of the hair follicle, thereby arresting their growth. These LASERS are very safe and effective in their design and could be used on the skin on the face or any body parts. Multiple sessions are needed to have visible results. The most important factor for better results is the regularity of the patient in taking the treatments as per the schedule. LASER hair treatments can give promising results in hormonal imbalance issues, PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) of women provided those conditions have to be treated simultaneously.

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